“Before I die I want to _______ “

“Before I dye I want to _______” is a Candy Chang´s interactive public art project that transforms neglected spaces into constructive places to discover the hopes and aspirations of the people we live sorrounded by.

Painted with chalkboard paint and stenciled with the sentence “Before I die I want to _______”, the wall became an urban intervention which gives the chance to get to know your neighbors and eachothers hopes and dreams, but also it´s about improving physical spaces and our personal well-being.

After receiving many requests from people around the world, Candy Chang and her Civic Center colleagues have created a Before I Die Toolkit to help more people to create a wall in any place.

This wall is turning into a global participatory art project and expanding to cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Portsmouth, San Diego, Lisbon, Brooklyn, The Azores, and others.

“The Before I Die project invites people to share their dreams in public space. The responses illuminate the diversity and depth of individuals that compose our communities, and the wall is an ideal place to strike up a conversation with neighbors that you might not know.”

Post hau auzoak // barrios, elkarbizitza // convivencia, espazio publikoa // espacio publico, globala-lokala // global-local, irudia // imagen atalean publikatu zen. Gogokoetara gehitzeko lotura iraunkorra.

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