Collaborative Services & Creative Communities

“Car-sharing on demand”, “micro-leasing system for tools between neighbours”, “shared sewing studio”, “home restaurant”, “delivery service between users who exchange goods”…  This sample of solutions looks at how various daily procedures could be performed by structured services that rely on a greater collaboration of individuals amongst themselves. From this hypothesis, the Scenario of Collaborative Services indicates how, through local collaboration, mutual assistance and shared use we can reduce significantly each individual’s needs in terms of products and living space and optimize the use of equipment, reduce travel distances and, finally, lessen the impact of our daily lives on the environment.”

“This scenario gives an idea of how the diffusion of organisations based on sharing, exchange, and participation on a neighbourhood scale can also regenerate the social fabric, restore relations of proximity and create meaningful bonds between individuals. Given that, a question has to be raised: if this scenario were to bear the promise of new and more sustainable lifestyles, how could we enhance it? How can we accelerate the diffusion of the services on which it is based?”

“ This book is an essay about a new design field, which lies at the crossroads of social innovation and design for sustainable development. It provides an overview of current research, including case studies of individuals or groups of individuals who have reinvented their lifestyles to come up with new solutions, which are both adapted to their daily needs and more sustainable. ”

Piece from the book “Collaborative Services . Social innovation and design for sustainability // Francois Jégou, Ezio Manzini//Edizione, 2008”

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